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90210 April 10, 2008

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For all those that, in the old institute times, you saw Sensation of living …: what happened to his actors? although they have not had excessive later success, they all have looked for his way. Dads and moms are already the majority, and for it I have compiled some photos in which we can see them with a few years more, with his children.

Luke Perry has 2, Jack and Sophie, although it is not very friendly of be photographing publicly with them. This is one of few photos:

Tori Spelling has a child, Liam, and a new baby waits. It belongs to the most prolific actresses of 90210, be for being a daughter of, be because in spite of his physicist and his "talent" like actress, it is the whole celebrity and much wanted in Internet. The true thing is that his multimillionaire father disinherited it but she has been able to make the living, doing telefilms or selling his pots for Internet (do not you believe it? I make sure you that it is true).

Jenny Garth, the beauty Kelly, was a mom quite promptly. The names of his daughters are Luca, Lola and Fiona.

Jason Priesley with his small Ava:

Brian Austin Green y Kassius (take with the nombrecito! to complain then if the child goes out boxer!!!!):

Danielle carteris has 2 daughters, Kelsey and Mollie, although: I feel it! I have not found photos. At present it is quite sick, suffers a partial palsy. Only I hope that it should recover.


Candle in the wind April 3, 2008

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Recapturing the posts of “moms for the memory”, it is necessary to do an honor position to Diana, for everything what it meant for that we grew in 80's, that we were finding it in Hello weekly and that we were commenting on suits, scandals, loves and lacks of affection, as if it was a question of a personage of a fascinating soap opera. Undoubtedly, Lady Di left a gap in the yellow press, which every time has less glamorous women on his pages.

Pregnant Diana of William:


Jovencísima, with his first baby:


And the second came, Harry, although at this point we already know that the fairy tale had broken it was doing time.


It is curious to see the difference between the rigidity of the court and the ease out of the palace walls, or perhaps the rigidity to the being 4 and the ease to the alone being 3:


And to end …



How many points would they take from me? March 31, 2008

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or do you imagine gathering your children of the school with this car … and without sillitas of safety, without belt and with a 12-year-old minor in the front seat? they would take the card as little from the plebeian ones … but the glamor evidently protects of the law …



Lisa Marie for the third one … March 31, 2008

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… and it is not fitting him precisely.



Here there are her photos with his elder daughter:



famous with bandolier March 25, 2008

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If there is something practical when you go with babies for places with many people, it is to take them above. Famous many have aimed to the fashion at bandolier (sling) and they are popularizing what, on the other hand, is so ancient as the maternity, although in Occident there is almost lost one. But it is already known that if they make it the famous ones, it stops seeing like something third-world and one begins seeing the cool, fashion and especially, it to gustito that the babies go … and the moms.

Some examples:

Angelina with Maddox:


Keri Russell:


Brooke Shields:


It had already put Julia to you:



jennifer lopez and the placed one the least natural March 24, 2008

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We were all earrings to see the tiny tots Max and Emme, and certainly they are a few nice and tender babies, as all, but what it makes flabbergasted to me, flipando and hallucinating in colorines as lacasitos, it is it is placed so contrary to nature, so forcedly, so slightly real … is not that he was waiting for JLo in sneakers and robe, but say to me please, if this is a maternal image normal way:


For not speaking about this:

Jennifer López, obsessed with that his children take bacteria
The singer has dispensers of cream and masks for any that one that wants to see his children.
Also, López and Anthony have paid 600.000 dollars for the services of six bodyguards.
Jennifer López and Marc Anthony have turned into a few maniacs of the gérmenes since they are parents, as publishes the newspaper Chicago Sun Times.
It is necessary to use masks to see to López's twins
As every inexperienced mother is normal that JLo is a super protector, but perhaps the singer has excelled herself a little. The Puerto Rican one is so terrified because his twin Max and Emme contact some germ that has installed cream dispensers for any that one who wants to visit his children.
Other one of the hygiene measurements against so many microscopic dirt is to ask the guests to use masks before entering the room of the twins.
If this was not sufficient, JLo and Marc has hired for 600.000 dollars the services of six bodyguards that 24 hours of the day will be dependent on the safety of his children.

THE TWINS, BETWEEN COTTONS. So that the pielecitas of his shoots are perfect, Jennifer Lopez has hired the services of a babies' masseuse. But not only of body it is lived, so, to reinforce his intelligence, it has hired a ‘therapist of color’ to paint the quarter of the children of aquamarine and light blue, in order to that his cerebral aptitudes increase. Also, the Puerto Rican singer and his husband, Marc Anthony, have bought two ponies Shetland for Max and Emme, and savannas of 600 cotton accounts Egyptian for the cradles. If, before being born, the children had to listen to classical music, mom Lopez also puts sound-track to his room. Slightly more? Yes: it has prohibited flowers and gifts not to change the original design of the stay.

and this one? does any of you walk his children in carts like these (I do not doubt that the most expensive of the market, but with a sorrow face 3 tons), jumping which Laura Ingalls in full prairie? have you noticed that the nouveau riches usually dress themselves as of the 60s when they do placed with his children?


And to compensate I put 2 photos, which although they are not very natural either, yes inspire tenderness …



The girls of “necessary parents” are already moms Marzo 12, 2008

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Today I have woken up with the seed of the memory, have started thinking about all these series that it saw at the time of having an afternoon snack, with my nongranary sandwich, before doing the duties … and have started diving in the network in search of current images. And yes, most of those girls with pigtails are now moms.

This post goes on the protagonists of Full House or Necessary Parents, to the absent-minded persons I put a brief visual reminder:


Since there the current reality goes.

The biggest, DJ, or Candace Cameron, left the world of the TV to devote itself to his family and to the religion. If you want, you can visit his blog, where he speaks about his beliefs and about his family (there are many photos):


fam2-sm.jpg candace-cameron.jpg

Jodie Sweetin, which was doing Stephanie's role, has spent some bad gusts, but at present his first daughter is waiting. Here it does not teach his belly and the room. It had never seen this decoration in rosa-chicle/negro-regaliz, but it must be the last thing in the States. I do not know if the baby will relax very much with so much coloring, but the important thing there is the endorsement that the mom sees.



Are those who have not decided yet for be embarrassing the twins Olsen, Mary-Kate and Ashley, and seeing his aspect more it costs that Impactante still takes a little … the difference between both photos, no?


Sabrina, the "witch", waiting the second baby Marzo 12, 2008

Melissa Joan Hart, protagonist of the most famous comedy of television Sabrina, is waiting his second son. It has done a reportage with his series partner, also pregnant woman of the second baby.


Here we can see a photo of the room where till now the biggest was sleeping, and that soon will be occupied by the newborn baby:


And to end, a very nice photo of the whole family. As soon as he is born the baby will be necessary to update this post!



the Willis-Moore attacks again March 11, 2008

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Demi Moore has done another reportage with his 3 daughters.

In fact, Rumer, the biggest, is turning into an icon fashion, admired by some and thrashed by others (what in the end it does not do more that to increase his popularity “better that they speak badly about me to whom they do not speak about me”) and honor guest in holidays not precisely suitable for minors: http://pospost.blogspot.com/2007/03/fotos-de-rumer-willis-una-chica-dura-de.html


Here with mom in another holiday. And my question is: putting it in night holidays do they try to remove it from the bad ambiences? it is like getting into a confectionery and prohibiting you the chocolate …


And yes, they look like sisters … Undoubtedly. Although Demi, with this hairstyle, the megaearrings and the leather stole, feigns a missis duchess of the 30s. It is sure that with street clothes there is still shy more, visually, the difference of age between both.

Here I leave a post to you where more youngsters go out the Willis-Moore:



ben&violet March 11, 2008

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It costs, perhaps Ben Affleck is not the best actor who has trodden on the studies of Hollywood, I accept that he lacks expressiveness and that they overcome others to him in physical attraction, but: who does not melt of tenderness on having seen this photo?



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