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jennifer lopez and the placed one the least natural March 24, 2008

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We were all earrings to see the tiny tots Max and Emme, and certainly they are a few nice and tender babies, as all, but what it makes flabbergasted to me, flipando and hallucinating in colorines as lacasitos, it is it is placed so contrary to nature, so forcedly, so slightly real … is not that he was waiting for JLo in sneakers and robe, but say to me please, if this is a maternal image normal way:


For not speaking about this:

Jennifer López, obsessed with that his children take bacteria
The singer has dispensers of cream and masks for any that one that wants to see his children.
Also, López and Anthony have paid 600.000 dollars for the services of six bodyguards.
Jennifer López and Marc Anthony have turned into a few maniacs of the gérmenes since they are parents, as publishes the newspaper Chicago Sun Times.
It is necessary to use masks to see to López's twins
As every inexperienced mother is normal that JLo is a super protector, but perhaps the singer has excelled herself a little. The Puerto Rican one is so terrified because his twin Max and Emme contact some germ that has installed cream dispensers for any that one who wants to visit his children.
Other one of the hygiene measurements against so many microscopic dirt is to ask the guests to use masks before entering the room of the twins.
If this was not sufficient, JLo and Marc has hired for 600.000 dollars the services of six bodyguards that 24 hours of the day will be dependent on the safety of his children.

THE TWINS, BETWEEN COTTONS. So that the pielecitas of his shoots are perfect, Jennifer Lopez has hired the services of a babies' masseuse. But not only of body it is lived, so, to reinforce his intelligence, it has hired a ‘therapist of color’ to paint the quarter of the children of aquamarine and light blue, in order to that his cerebral aptitudes increase. Also, the Puerto Rican singer and his husband, Marc Anthony, have bought two ponies Shetland for Max and Emme, and savannas of 600 cotton accounts Egyptian for the cradles. If, before being born, the children had to listen to classical music, mom Lopez also puts sound-track to his room. Slightly more? Yes: it has prohibited flowers and gifts not to change the original design of the stay.

and this one? does any of you walk his children in carts like these (I do not doubt that the most expensive of the market, but with a sorrow face 3 tons), jumping which Laura Ingalls in full prairie? have you noticed that the nouveau riches usually dress themselves as of the 60s when they do placed with his children?


And to compensate I put 2 photos, which although they are not very natural either, yes inspire tenderness …



31 Responses to “jennifer lopez and the least natural placed one ”

  1. dew Says:
    3:30 am

    k casaaaaaaaa and that vidaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  2. tiffany Says:
    5:29 pm

    k lindoz!!!!!

  3. Hellen Says:
    7:11 pm

    Q pretty for me … the best thing, I love his babies and luck is always seen pretty with everything … for them …

  4. Anonymous Says:
    3:38 pm

    hello jennifer lopez k beautiful they are you drink take care of them!! I love you very much

  5. 6:01 pm

    hello jennifer lopez you are the maxsimo
    your children paresen to mac antoni
    thousand felisidades

  6. yula Says:
    9:25 pm

    that car feo.para to be rich

  7. LyDiA_WaPa Says:
    7:30 pm

    oie I do not say it for envy not na about that

    but your two children paresen two fetus


    moan pardon for laughing

    good xaitos

    i take care of them

  8. maggy Says:
    5:36 pm

    That pretty your babies, jennifer you do not worry all these worries are normal, he enjoys atus children CONGRATULATIONS

  9. katy Says:
    2:00 am

    Your children are beautiful n agas case to q they say you embidian x your bellesa and x his dad. I admire the 2 continue it in everything. Write to me if you want chau congratulations they are beautiful. http://www.katiidola.hotmail.com

  10. Anonymous Says:
    4:32 pm

    hi jenifer is a great pleasure for me that it you is going much vien and your children are beautiful it keeps on fighting so that you have a close family love you

  11. martha Says:
    7:16 pm

    jenifer who adjoined your children are congratulations

  12. Karla Says:
    2:49 am

    That unjust the life, you spend any silver in vanalidades and almost it does not reach me to buy the milk, but good like that is the life

  13. julia haydee Says:
    6:04 pm

    wave, since encerio0 a charming family a lot of congratulations. i since eso0s comentario0s they go out sobrando0 pure envy that more gives sii you are muii happily, that more puedo0 to say the vedd qee one wants mucho0 a lot of congratulations to you again xD

  14. wendy Says:
    8:59 pm

    hello how are you I want to say to you that I admire you very much and that your babies are beautiful and you and mark charming are t.q.m.

  15. Chama Says:
    6:06 am

    That pretty the gemelitos, so beautiful that they are his parents Dios it blesses them and they of very much more blessings, so that they keep on living very well …

  16. 3:14 pm

    for me to seem I believe that jennifer is very extravagant and I believe also she wants to imitate the couple more desceada of the moment Angelina and Pitt and does not come to them not to the ankles the children of Angelina are very beautiful but one stop me that he wants to attract attention jajaja that blockhead abiendo so much poor child who does not have not for a ridge-tile the life in so unjust … luck in which I wish you if you have it

  17. Alessita!! Says:
    7:32 pm

    but if they criticize. that it is not peo of anybody like kiera to go out she in to the photos meeting with his children!! every kien has his tastes and these are those of her. apart she can walk his children in the cars q him of the desire like that be of the prehistory xq this is his money they are his children and there are his tastes!! and for Mongolian q he said that q it has no silver for the milk of his son and q J.Lo spends in vanalidades. allow me to say to yourself that q she can spend in vanalidades and in q him of the desire xq she worked this money one sweated the buttocks as they say commonly to be able to wear out it. If you do not have with q to buy the milk to yours it will be xq or you did not study or you do not work and simply you put the paw!! so q do not come to criticize. excel for q you have your things and wear out them in q to you you of the desire ENVIOUS FAULTFINDER!!

  18. Alessita!! Says:
    7:36 pm

    Ah and the life is not unjust. Every kien forges his destination if you do not have cn q to support your son he is xq you did not think yourself before doing it. On the other hand Jennifer Lopez, after having worked so much and doing efforts after having excelled itself and achieved his goals, had his children. The life did not give his anything to her. SHE GAINED IT TO PULSE!! so q in ves of gait speaking stupidities look to yourself for a work study and excel.

    Congratulations Jennifer you turn out to be very beautiful with your children!! and him do not pay attention to this rope of envious.

  19. damaris sieber lopez Says:
    12:03 am

    hello jennifer the truth mchas congratulations for your family so beautiful that you have look after z take care of your babies. that God blesses them z I always kept

  20. adriana Says:
    6:48 pm


    6:49 pm


  22. cecilia Says:
    4:56 am

    I know them for photos and therefore they are famous, God blesses the fruits of his love, all the children wanted to have aunquesea a bit of what they have his children them they are much bendicidos since they will never lack at all, if puenden to help his neighbor do it I have a 4-year-old baby I raise it his parents need of great help, economcamente I am not well but even in my need I help my neighbor, God them to keep on blessing topcoat in the love, nothing to disturb them keep on loving itself and them raising in the love to his kids blessings his everlasting admirer cecilia jimenez velasquez of rosemary, I am a Peruvian blessings

  23. Anonymous Says:
    5:46 pm

    holaa that adjoined are your hijisto take care of them very much … … … … … … … … … ….

  24. Anonymous Says:
    7:55 pm

    there is that nice babies that god the vendiga

  25. Anonymous Says:
    7:39 pm

    prettier with his babies I them love it j - and marc

  26. vanesa Says:
    7:41 pm


  27. lolita Says:
    12:02 pm

    the girl is super ugly. the slightly nice child ….
    but k lopez goes sn tn snubs as your jeniffer

  28. karla Says:
    3:38 pm

    so dumb who quere to see these babies with face of equal rat marc you are not tota spends your money in something productive it is true q they are your children but it is not for so much there are babies q if sonlindos and they do not have all that you will have to q estupides

  29. 10:07 pm

    hello jennifer, I am happy x your maternity, wish you the biggest GOD blessings, celestial father for your babies and your family. I am a grandmother very loving of my nietecitos one of a year other x to be born, I am very poor, if the ropita of your babies, you give it to the international red cross, I you her ask x for favor, or whom he should read this message and could send it to me. Helen Sanchez is quiet vidart between 7 y8 pocito, aberastain town, code postal5427 san juan Argentinian.gracias.posdata, the photos with the children seem brilliant to me, there are a pure poetry, I if it had could also had reproduced to extract postcard postcards with the fruit of my belly and of my love x the man q helped me to be madre.felicidades.

  30. mony Says:
    11:28 pm

    congratulations and a lot of luck

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