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The girls of “necessary parents” are already moms Marzo 12, 2008

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Today I have woken up with the seed of the memory, have started thinking about all these series that it saw at the time of having an afternoon snack, with my nongranary sandwich, before doing the duties … and have started diving in the network in search of current images. And yes, most of those girls with pigtails are now moms.

This post goes on the protagonists of Full House or Necessary Parents, to the absent-minded persons I put a brief visual reminder:


Since there the current reality goes.

The biggest, DJ, or Candace Cameron, left the world of the TV to devote itself to his family and to the religion. If you want, you can visit his blog, where he speaks about his beliefs and about his family (there are many photos):


fam2-sm.jpg candace-cameron.jpg

Jodie Sweetin, which was doing Stephanie's role, has spent some bad gusts, but at present his first daughter is waiting. Here it does not teach his belly and the room. It had never seen this decoration in rosa-chicle/negro-regaliz, but it must be the last thing in the States. I do not know if the baby will relax very much with so much coloring, but the important thing there is the endorsement that the mom sees.



Are those who have not decided yet for be embarrassing the twins Olsen, Mary-Kate and Ashley, and seeing his aspect more it costs that Impactante still takes a little … the difference between both photos, no?


7 Responses to “The girls of “necessary parents” are already moms”

  1. dew Says:
    6:10 pm

    the twins are the best

  2. Anonymous Says:
    2:41 am

    q you adjoin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. ashley Says:
    6:18 pm

    I am his fan super beauties are I want more photos sullas

  4. ashley Says:
    6:19 pm

    raise more photos plis

  5. melanie Says:
    4:53 pm

    hello that such I like victor alvarez zabaleta and am my love of all my life

  6. the sun bond Says:
    4:54 pm

    I like the way of belonging to the twins olsen but I will say of that he sees them being badly anorexics! look after!

  7. Maria Belen Says:
    3:29 pm

    Holo I am Maria but they say Sea to me, I have a sister and she is my twin sister she calls herself her Maria Fernanda Fer says to him,
    The idea of having twin sisters is not very good,
    sometimes the breasts kieren ke let's share everything and we do not like that that's why they are suertudos in not having twin sisters.

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