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Candle in the wind April 3, 2008

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Recapturing the posts of “moms for the memory”, it is necessary to do an honor position to Diana, for everything what it meant for that we grew in 80's, that we were finding it in Hello weekly and that we were commenting on suits, scandals, loves and lacks of affection, as if it was a question of a personage of a fascinating soap opera. Undoubtedly, Lady Di left a gap in the yellow press, which every time has less glamorous women on his pages.

Pregnant Diana of William:


Jovencísima, with his first baby:


And the second came, Harry, although at this point we already know that the fairy tale had broken it was doing time.


It is curious to see the difference between the rigidity of the court and the ease out of the palace walls, or perhaps the rigidity to the being 4 and the ease to the alone being 3:


And to end …



4 Responses toCandle in the wind

  1. betsy liliana Says:
    4:01 pm

    they know that they put photos of the breasts of now but ban aponer of 1970pico an example pongad of the yoselin breast the niñita who sings with macano that one so that bean the one who it does not go aver but what you have does not want to be seen by him nadien one put wing bony fashion hello that happens to them

  2. betsy liliana Says:
    4:13 pm

    and cosituated other one if ben that what I lesdigo nonis a lie nadien lobe for example of 100 porciento 99 porcien to lobe only one pesona lobe I plaster the bi why he was looking for another thing and I met this for GOD IS NOT for offending but that filth knows who be that, my tataratataratarataraabuela, mitataratataratataratio, my tataratataratataratatarami cousins and all my tataratataratatarafamilia nose not because I piredo not even time writing to qui in this but they know that I say to him but without offending and that god excuses to me but this is one because he laughs with good reason nadien lobe ciao and hello

  3. betsy liliana Says:
    4:14 pm

    not only this one photo if not almost they all are old
    that eslo that I do not like

  4. betsy liliana Says:
    4:16 pm

    they go aver the one who me goes to support ami the whole world

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